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The Esq Marketing Podcast

Sep 30, 2020

Daniel Ramsey is the CEO and Founder of MyOutDesk. MyOutDesk is a company that provides virtual professionals to help business owners regain valuable time and freedom. Founded in California in 2008, MyOutDesk virtual professionals work from their fully-equipped home offices and offer significant cost savings compared to similar USA-based service providers. Over the last 13 years that they’ve been in business, MyOutDesk has helped attorneys, law firms, and other entrepreneurs hire 6,000 virtual assistants.

In this episode…

If you've taken the bold step to start your law firm: congratulations!

As you market your firm and grow your client list on your own, you'll inevitably get to a point where you become inundated with work that is anything but the real legal work you love doing. What happens then? 

This is when your law firm starts to own you. This is also why you’ll struggle to scale. Luckily, Daniel Ramsey of MyOutDesk is here to show you how to avoid that situation altogether. 

Listen to this episode of the Esq.Marketing Podcast with Matthew Laurin and hear from Daniel Ramsey, CEO of MyOutDesk. He talks about preparing your law firm to scale without having to give up any more of your time, when is the best time to scale, and how a virtual hire can help your firm.