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The Esq Marketing Podcast

May 22, 2020

Michael Sacks is the Director of Communications and Client Services at Kimmel & Silverman, PC. For the past two decades, Michael has successfully converted a small boutique consumer protection law firm into one of the nation's most recognizable Lemon Law firms. 

Under Michael's guidance, the firm has won multiple awards and has been featured on local and national media abroad, and has helped many thousands of consumers with their various Lemon Law issues.

In this episode…

How is your law firm’s digital marketing strategy? In this day and age where many firms are switching to online marketing, deciding on a strategy that fits and works for your firm is crucial particularly if you’re just starting out or are looking to expand your reach. Michael Sacks has tons of valuable insights on how to grow and expand your presence online and the summary of his advice is: separate yourself from the pack. 

In this episode of the ESQ Marketing Podcast, Matthew Laurin interviews Michael Sacks about how he grew Kimmel & Silverman, PC from a boutique law firm to one of the top Lemon Law firms in the US through PR and marketing campaigns. He also talks about how new and small law firms can do better digital marketing to grow their firm and the challenges that his firm faced in their journey towards success. Stay tuned.