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The Esq Marketing Podcast

Dec 9, 2020

Jonathan Denis is a Founding Partner at Guardian Law Group. Before founding Guardian Law Group, Jonathan worked in the public sector as a legislator and was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Calgary-Acadia twice. 

In addition to being a recognized authority in politics and governance, Jonathan has received accolades in his career, including being appointed a Queen's Counsel of Alberta and winning a spot on Avenue Calgary's "Top 40 under 40" in 2010.

In this episode…

You want to start your law firm, right? But, you're not sure what to expect if you quit your job to branch out on your own. On top of that, you're thinking: should I go solo or find a partner? 

Well, just like you, Jonathan Denis of Guardian Law Group once had to make that critical decision. Today, he shares his experience with Matthew Laurin and touches on what he thinks every lawyer who wants to start a new law firm should know. 

Join the conversation on this episode of the Esq.Marketing Podcast as host Matthew Laurin sits down with Jonathan Denis, Founding Partner of the Guardian Law Group. Jonathan shares his experience about what it was like to quit his job, find a partner, and start a new law firm. He also talks about the challenges of being a lawyer and running the business of law, the most effective way to attract new business, and more.